SERGIO TACCHINI & Artefice Group for the New Showroom in Milan

During the presentation of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 2014 tennis tournament, Sergio Tacchini inaugurated his new showroom of via Savona 97, in Milan.

For the restyling of the whole “Milanese” headquarter, the known sports brand, he has chosen to cooperate with Artefice Group for the design, architecture and the realization role of the spaces.

The environments redesign with the new creative concept affected a total of more than 300m2 willing on two floors. The winning proposition wanted to enhance the close connection between the showroom and workroom, between exposition and workforce. Fashion and creative designers found their place inside the workroom, separated from the showroom with a frosted glass wall with brand logo in all transparency, that allows brightness and the lightening of the volumes: inside  to the couturier were designed and produced some tables with metal based and cork plan icing with a scratchproof varish.

Espoworkr gave great importance to the illumination design, studied to create a great theatrical focus on the brand and on the products.

A brand, that of Sergio Tacchini, that made the tennis history: for that reason in the inside of the areas finds out its central importance the Histoy Wall, that has been with us through the great success with a composition of framed pictures of different sizes of the Sergio Tacchini’s champions.

The historical identity of the brand has been guaranteed also with conservative restorations of some design subjects already inside in the areas, like the logo, that winking the eye with its design to the kinetic art of the ‘70, and with the restoration of its lighting part it return and to a new life. Also inside the showroom there is the new versatile wall, that’s expositional to the whole seasonal sample that Espoworkr wanted to characterize like a real Tennis Ground and the shoes area, that is characterized for the choice of the light plexiglass brackets that show and emphasize the shoe exposition.

Artefice Group has also worked, with its architects, of the building practices, supervision and masonry work.



Sergio Tacchini building works
Sergio Tacchini light
Sergio Tacchini 3d logo
Sergio Tacchini History wall
Sergio Tacchini work room
Sergio Tacchini Tennis wall
Sergio Tacchini Shoes Shelf
Sergio Tacchini exterior hospitality
Sergio Tacchini Main Showroom